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Over winter break I participated in Hack the North 2021. At the hackathon, I met Krish and Surya. Together, we formed a team and ideated solutions to various problems. Krish’s mom is a teacher and one of the problems that she faces is keeping track of who participates in the zoom classroom. To solve this problem we put together, an application that teachers upload a transcript of their zoom class after it ends and view the statistics of each student that attended class. Our project tracks the following statistics for each student:

Below is what the teacher sees when viewing a student’s statistics


How we built it

This project leverages multiple technologies to help teachers analyze data regarding their students. The technologies we used are listed below:

HTML/CSS/JS: To build our frontend we used the classic trio of web development.

Challenges we ran into

1) Microsoft Azure was giving us trouble when we tried to use it’s speech to text services. It turns out we needed to specify how our .wav file was 44kHz stereo. After implementing the fix in the code, our team burst into celebration when we saw the spoken words print in the terminal.

2) Printing out the key phrases after they were returned from the Microsoft servers was a little bumpy. We didn’t realize that the calls to the Microsoft servers were asynchronous so we weren’t awaiting for their completion so our array with the key phrases was empty. Once we noticed that we had to wait for the Microsoft Azure functions to complete we added the ‘await’ keyword and our array filled up like we wanted it to.

More information

If you like what you see, you can read more on our devpost. We even recorded a presentation you could watch.

Future additions:

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