Enlighten Me

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Enlighten me is a platform where people go to debate controversial topics. Each round of debate lasts five minutes. Before each round, the user votes on whether they agree with the published topic. During the round, users send chats to whoever is logged into the site and they can up or down -vote individual messages. After the round ends, the user votes on whether they agree on the topic again to see whether they’ve changed their mind. They also vote on which category the next controversial topic will be from. After this, the statistics from the round are displayed and the new round begins.

Below are images of the platform.

The Pre-Round Voting: Pre-Round Voting

The Chatting: Chatting

The Post-Round Voting: Post-Round Voting

The Statistics: Statistics

How It Was Built

Originally, this started out as a project for hackMIT in Python using Flask. Then, for a group project in my WebWare class, we ported the application over to NodeJS and added more features to satisfy the group project requirements. The code is stored here. We used the following technologies:

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